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 Have fun with Marky boy.

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Have fun with Marky boy.  Empty
PostSubject: Have fun with Marky boy.    Have fun with Marky boy.  I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 26, 2012 9:06 am

Well eh i think its time i quit project redemption, i don't really find it that fun anymore. It has been fun playing but all good things must come to an end or what ever. This isn't a very formal goodbye as i don't really need to be formal no more. so yea i'm quiting from my job as co owner/coder even though i'm sure i will most likely still have coder on forums and Co-owner rank in game. So from now on if you have any complaining or complaints or new updates or what ever, tell them to mark Razz i'm sure something will be done in the next week or so after you ask him ;p <3

so yea goodbye all who is left. and i hope you enjoy your lives and have fun on project redemption. By teh way if you feel like fighting nomad or weva type ::minigame. has no drops yet and only 1 every update. but meh may be fun. also type ::donatorboss if you have donated.

Sooooo yea! cya everybody, have fun with the new frequent updates/support.... i may come on everynow and again but probably not.

P3AC3 0Ut! <3

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Have fun with Marky boy.
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