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 The Eco Suggestion

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The Eco Suggestion Empty
PostSubject: The Eco Suggestion   The Eco Suggestion I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 12, 2012 5:11 am

hey guys , i will never forget the day when i joined to project-redemption it was epic all welcoming me stuff thats not the topic anyways always when i was new player seeing some1 rich i told him how to get chaotics answer : donate when i heared that it was a pain when i knew 90% items donate it was a pain for me , now since i am rich i don't feel anything ,but always i get broke when some1 ask me how to get rapier my sadly answer and i wish i never type this is : "donate" the player directly thinks the server all items on it "donate donate donate.... "
A simple suggestion is to do a little minigame or something like dung to get chaotics or something....

2nd thing i wan't to talk about is the Eco , i don't like it anymore i love when its hard game to make cash stuff and make the game harder

examples : prayer : frost bones 1gp each? -.- , the only way to make money is pvm or thiev... pvm not all maybe only bandos.... and barrows

u should work on some thing i really feel bad for the game and the community all poeple when they just hear "donate" simple reaction
fuck this game all donate and donate....

prices:the high prices of the items u should change the whole eco and release some few monsters for money , frost dragons , dark beasts etc

or if u wan't to keep the prices like 15b + then you should make the items whips stuff higher the reason for that atleast there is a reason for pking and profit from it i kill a dharoker leave his loot cuz no reason even to pick it up onther reason if u don't understand
the fight takes 5min or so and at this 5min u can make 50m from theiving...... so that's totally stupid sorry if i am blaming anyone for that just wanted to enjoy the game and work some hard on it like to work hard for it Smile please guys if any of what i said hurt you i am very sorry <3

NOTE: some poeple now after reading the topic they are like "yeah after u bought 500 whips want to make them rare???"
i didn't i am just seeing if u going to do this or not Smile

Thank you very much for reading it i know its long but its worth the reading.


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The Eco Suggestion
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